Employee & Community Assistance Fund

Employee and Community Assistance Fund will be used to provide immediate and temporary financial assistance for basic necessities of life to people who have encountered financial hardship for reasons beyond their control and will continue to support Southcentral Foundation's strategic approach to promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness in the Native Community.

Criteria for ECAF

The decision of whether you are awarded will be based on the information supplied by you; because of this the application must be clear, factual, and complete as possible. Supporting documents are very important and is required for approval and awards are subject to availability of funds. Supporting documents are often required. Failure to include them could void your application. All awards are subject to availability of funds.


  • A complete and specific description of the hardship and how it happened including requested documentation (when in doubt include documents that support the facts of your situation)
  • A specific description of what action has been taken to solve the problem
  • A description of how you expect to improve or resolve the hardship with financial help
  • Identification such as Driver's License, State ID card, or Certificate of Indian Blood.
  • Proof of where you live, such as:
    • Rental agreement
    • Current bill showing your residence address
  • You may be required to produce one or more of the following documentation such as:
    • Pay stub
    • Work statement from employer
    • Unemployment benefits
    • Social Security Income
    • Short Term Disability
    • Veteran's benefits
    • Child support
    • Worker's compensation

Your request for assistance will be reviewed by the Application Review Team (ART) that consists of employees across Southcentral Foundation (SCF) that work in various departments.

This fund is intended to provide financial assistance and/or services to Alaskan residents who are faced with dire circumstances resulting from an emergency and/or other unanticipated event.

All decisions made by the ART team are final.

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Employee Community Assistance Fund
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