Event: 2021 American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) Health Summit
  • Holistic Behavioral Health Care for Native Communities Panel
  • Social Determinants of AI/AN Health
Location: Online
Dates: September 21-23

Event: 2021 Alaska State HR Conference
Topic: Suicide Awareness for Employers
Location: Anchorage, AK
Dates: September 22-23

Event: Kentucky Center for Performance Excellence (KYPCE) Virtual Conference
Location: Online
Date: September 23

Event: Anticoagulation Forum: Innovation Circle Meeting
Topic: Anticoagulation Management at SCF
Location: Online
Date: September 30


Event: 1st North America Conference on Integrated Care (NACIC21)
Location: Online
Dates: October 4-7

Event: 36th Annual Alaska Native Diabetes Conference 2021
Location: Anchorage, Alaska + Online
Dates: October 5-7

Event: IV International Symposium on Primary Health Care and I Symposium on Health Care Planning
Topic: Building an Integrated Health System Based on Community Relationships
Location: Online (from Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Date: October 5

Event: Western Governors University Accountable Care Learning Collaborative: Peer Learning Session
Topic: Empowered Relationships Achieve Improved Outcomes
Location: Online
Date: October 18


Event: Integrated Care Team: Online Training Webinar
Location: Online
Dates: November 1-4

February 2022

Event: Alaska Maternal Child Health & Immunization (MCHI) Conference
Topic: Telehealth
Location: Online
Dates: February 22-24